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The following are excerpts from Binyamin Kahane's
lecture on Oct 22 at the Center of the Jewish Idea

Root of The Problem

Israeli policy was always dictated by the consideration, "What will America say", but today it has reached absurd proportions. The war is not with the Arabs, but rather to explain our position to the international media and world. To prove to them that we are not the guilty ones; that we are not those who reject the peace, we are not the ones who are doing the shooting. This is what concerns them. Fear of the gentile was never greater than it is today. The whole story of Mt. Eival was, "what will the goyim say". They let the rabbi bleed to death because fear of the gentile reaction if they bombed Arab houses. On this issue, there is no difference between the left wing or right wing. There was never a Prime Minister in this country, right or left, whose policy was NOT guided by the consideration of what will the goyim think, will America continue to support us. It was always that way. The problem is not the Arabs, because everyone knows that the Arab problem can be finished in five minutes. 

The war is America vs. The Almighty. Who is the relevant force?

People see things as right versus left - that the left has failed, Oslo is finished with, and the right will save us. We must realize that there is no difference between the secular right nationalists and the left. It doesn't matter if it's Bibi, Leiberman, Gandhi - they will do exactly the same thing, because in the end, they will make political considerations and succumb to the American pressure. It doesn't matter what they say when they are in the opposition, because we know all too well what happens when they come to power. When we see these right-wing politicians getting up and saying, "You see, we were right" - these people are the most dangerous of all. Because they are pragmatist, secular Jews, who when push comes to shove, won't have the faith to stand up to American pressures, and will continue down the same primrose path. 

Question: Shas and the NRP are any better?

Answer: Of course they are no better. But everyone already knows that. I am coming to say that those who you think may be better, like Gandhi, are also doomed to fail, because the name of God doesn't pass their lips. Is Gandhi better than Begin was? Do we have to go through every one of them to learn our lesson? First it was Begin and he failed, then Shamir and Bibi, and they failed, and now we try Sharon.. Must we always try the next one? After all, there will always be another up and coming "ultra-nationalist" to give a chance to. There is Uzi Landau and Limor Livnat, etc. Does each one have to become the Prime Minister in order for us to realize that he is not the answer? One must learn the lesson - after three already failed, perhaps there is a pattern here? Each one, Begin, Shamir and Bibi were a strong opposition who failed when they came to power. (Today, Shamir talks tough in the opposition, but when he was in power, he went to Madrid and gave up Taba, and did EXACTLY what everyone else did.) Why did each one fail? Because they don't know what Am Yisrael is all about, what is the destiny of Am Yisrel. None of them mentioned God's name in their speeches, except when saying, "Be'ezrat Hashem" so that the religious Jews will vote for them. 

Have we already forgotten how Bibi ran after Arafat and called him his "best friend" after the Arabs killed 15 of our soldiers in the aftermath of the Kotel tunnel digging? 

The great mistake of the right and settlers is that they think Oslo is finished with. We must understand that Oslo is not finished. As long as we don't declare that "Hashem is our God", and conquer the land, and expel the enemy - as long as we don't do this, Oslo can never be done with. For what is the Oslo Agreement? It is not some agreement signed in 1993. Oslo is our refusal to place Jewish sovereignty on Judea and Samaria. If one refuses to go in the way of God, then what is the other option? You must try to make some kind of arrangement or agreement. If you are not willing to expelthem, or to exercise Jewish sovereignty over those areas because of fear of the goy, then what is left to do? Oslo can never end if we don't bring another option. Oslo is the right's unwillingness to find an alternative. As long as we don't offer the alternative of annexing the territories and expelling the Arabs, then Oslo will continue, and the shooting in Gilo will continue... 

It's so easy to find comfort in the illusion that Oslo is over. It helps people flee from the need to give a real solution, an alternative. Let's say Oslo is over - then what? We shall leave them here,  with 60,000 rifles?


Despite the difficult situation in the territories, the settlers are in good spirits since the peace process is halted. On one hand, the process is dead, but on the other hand, there is tension from being shot at all the time. When the "peace process" was in full swing, there was a lot less shooting, but there was tremendous pressure and tension amongst the settlers because Barak was running to Washington to give it all away. The peace process was a constant threat hanging over the heads of the settlers - is there a future for the settlements? Is he going to dry us out? Now, the process is halted for the time being, and there is no such threat. But there is the threat of being shot at. This means that as far as the settlers are concerned, who determines what will be? Either Barak (when the shooting stops) or Arafat (when the shooting starts). We, the settlers, are dependent on them. This is no way to live. Instead of finally taking our destiny in our own hands, we allow Barak and Arafat to decide for us. It is incumbent upon us to declare that we the settlers live here, and we will decide our own fate. If the army is not willing to save us and lets us bleed to death on Mt. Eival, then we will take care of the situation ourselves. We have weapons, we have strength, and we have faith in God. We are willing to forego all the helicopters and all the sophisticated weaponry of the IDF. We don't need it, because they don't use it anyway. The time has come to tell them: Thanks, but no thanks. With all your swagger, we'll get along fine without you. Just leave the area, the way you left Yosef's tomb. 

We are a nation which always relied on the few. We never trusted in the fact that we were big and strong. We were always little David. Today, we are this big Goliath, with this big clumsy army against the Arabs with a few rifles who play the David, and succeed in crippling us. The settlers must rise, and tell the army in an organized manner that they don't want their help anymore. Let us organize by ourselves. Let them tell the army, "you always wanted to leave Yehuda and Samaria, anyway. Give us the area, and we will take control of it. We have the spirit, the morale, and thefaith to fight - something you don't have" This must be done in an organized way. I'm not talking about individual acts. Individual actions are local solutions, but bring no long term solution. 

Whenever the settlers do something, Arabs are gripped with fear. Five settlers set up a blockade, and the Arab cars from a mile away turn around and flee. The settlers still have the capacity to instill fear in the Arabs. The army doesn't. While the IDF bombed with helicopters on Mt. Eival, the Arabs continued shooting at them, because they knew that if the IDF really plans to bomb them, they will give them an hours warning in advance.

So this is what is left for us to do. There is no other choice. In the end, the settlers will be pushed into the corner, and will be forced to take this step anyhow. They will see over and over again that the army abandons them. The settlers will be forced to organize themselves independently in order to save their homes and their lives. This is what will be whether they like it or not. 

And when this happens, the redemption will come. Like Yehuda Macabee and Bar Cochba. They were a few, but their brand of  self-sacrifice are symbols still today. They stood against huge numbers and raised the flag of faith in God. We must convince the people not to trust in right or left, and not in America, and not in the U.N. We must trust in ourselves, as the nation of God.

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